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The Rebellion of Boudicca

boudiccas story

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My name is Queen Boudicca, I am the Queen of the Iceni and rule a territory that in your time is called east Anglia. It is 61 A D and the Romans have been in our lands for nearly 20 years. I am a rich and powerful Celtic Queen with my husband King Prasutagus.

When the Romans first came to our lands we made peace with them and were allowed to keep our lands. We do live differently now and have many Roman things but I am a Celt and I still live like a Celt. I wear Celtic clothes and do no behave like Roman women. I am a queen and I rule equally with my husband in the traditional way.

I don't trust the Romans and feel that they take too much from us but I don't want to make war as it will hurt my people who need my leadership.

Things are not going well, my husband has died now and the Romans are demanding my land for taxes, they are so greedy.

I have refused to hand my lands over and they ties me and my daughters to a pole and beat us. They want me to stand down as Queen and the beatings were a warning to me to d as I am told. I WILL NOT!
My people are outraged and are loyal to me. I am a good Queen and I will fight back.

I am going to raise an army and we will march on the Roman City at Colchester. I will sho the Romans that we will not tolerate this.

We took Colchester easily, other tribes have joined my army and we are marching on London and Saint Albans. I now have a mighty army. The Romans sent soldiers to try to defeat us but we beat them easily. I have ordered my army to kill every Roman they see, we are going to drive the Romans from our lands for good!

Saint Albans and London have been destroyed, my army burnt the cities down and we killed many Romans. Now we have to find Suetonios the Roman Governor and defeat him and his troops. We have heard he is in the north, so we march tonight.

We have found the Governor, he has marched South to meet us. I have a huge army and we outnumber his troops, the day the battle belongs to us, and we have the Gods on our side. I have sent for our families to come and watch us defeat these Romans and drive them from our lands.

Disaster, my warriors are beaten. I had to flee the field of battle but I have been captured with my daughters. My warriors attacked the Roman lines but made no real impact. The Romans counteres and drove my warriors back. Our supporters blocked our re=treat and the warriors were cut down. Then, once the Romans broke their way through my army they began to slaughter women and children. the battle has been lost and the Roamns will take my land and my people will be enslaved. I shall be humiliated in Rome before its people. One of my loyal followers has smuggled me in Poison. I am a Celtic Queen and cannot suffer the humiliation. My daughters and I will take the poison.

The land of the Iceni now belongs to Rome.

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