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2010/2011 > First Aid


When approaching what looks like a seriously injured or unconscious person to administer first aid. This "DR ABC" can help you to remember what to do......


Danger - Check the area, make sure YOU are safe and so are people around you.


Response - Can the casualty hear your voice? Can they open and close their eyes? are there any movements? Do they respond to touch?


Airway - Is there a blockage in the throat or have they swallowed their tongue? Is the head in a suitable position to allow breathing? Care should be taken not to make anything worse but the airway MUST be cleared if it is blocked.


Breathing - Can the casualty breathe clearly? Once the airway is clear, is there any other problem - the lungs for example?


Circulation - IS there a pulse? Is the heart beating? Is the pulse weak / strong / racing?

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