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Internet Safety

Police, Camera, Action Day

What do you use the internet for?

At school only




Playing games



Talking to friends

Are you safe?

Do you give out
personal information?

Do you put pictures
of yourself online?

Do you use bad language
when playing online?

Are you nasty to
other people online?

If you write your birthday down or when you are going on holiday or where you are meeting your friends, it lets strangers know where you are and information all about you as if they know you!
They could pretend to be a friend even if they are not. This could be very dangerous as you can't see the other person and they may not be who they say they are!

If you put pictures on the net of yourself it gives strangers more information about you. You could be wearing school uniform which would let people know waht school you go to. If you put photos of you and your friends on when you are playing out it shows others where you go.

Did you know that if you get reported for the use of bad language when chatting to your friends on-line on your X-Box, PS3 or PC your computer can be blocked and you will not be able to use it any more.

If you are threatening or bullying either on-line, playing live or by text message it is a crime and you can get into trouble with the police. Your messages and everything you say is recorded, even if you delete it the phone company or games console companies have a record of everything you do!

A team of police officers
work on-line policing the net


Everything you do on
the internet is
recorded and kept
which could be used as evidence.

If you are worried about anything that you have found on a website or to report anything click on the picture which will take you through to a safe website and give you instructions on what to do next and give lots more information for all age groups about being safe on the net.

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