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Emergency Call

2010/2011 > First Aid

What would say if you had to call the Emergency Services?

What questions would they ask you?

Read on to find out all you need to know when making the very important call to an emergency service.......

Dial 999 if you are in the Uk or 112 anywhere in Europe

This is what you will be
.....and this is what you
need to reply
Which service do you require? Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade or
Coast Guards

Your call will then be sent through
to the service you have asked for
What is your number and
where are you calling from?
If in a phone box the number and
where you are will be printed.
If you are calling from a mobile
phone or land line tell them the
town/place you are at an if you
know it the phone number
What is your name? Give your full name
What has happened? Tell them how the casualty is e.g
unconscious, breathing etc or the
crime taken place
Can you tell me the address/location
Tell them an accurate address or if
you don't know it tell them as
much as you can about where you
are for the service to find you
And what has happened? Give a brief, straight to the point
account of the reason of your call
about the accident or incident
How old is/are the casualty/ies? Give age if you know or a
reasonable guess!
Are they alert/talkative? Answer honestly, this is very
Are they breathing? You should be able to see the
chest moving up and down to
show if they are breathing or not
What is the casualties name? Answer if you know or tell them
who they are i.e shop keeper,
elderly man etc
When did it happen? Give a time if you know it or tell
them if you don't know but found
the accident after it had happened
What are their injuries? The casualty may have already
told you or you may be able to see
the injury but if you can't don't
worry just give as much as you
can, the medical team will be
there shortly to find out
How do you think it happened? You may be able to tell, for
example there may be a ladder on
the floor which would indicate the
casualty had fallen, but again if
you don't know just give as much
information as you can
They will tell you that the emergency
service you require is on its way.
Sometimes they may stay on the
phone to help you until the service
arrives but they may say to you if there
are any changes to call straight back if
there are any changes
Stay calm you have done all you
can and have made a very
important phone call that could
save a life. Keep yourself safe too
and be proud of what you have

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